Scentio Tofu Soymilk Baby Cream Bath


Scentio Tofu Soymilk Baby cream bath luxurious formula enriched with Soymilk Extract and nutrients from Natural Tofu, Yogurt Extract and Royal Jelly  for skin heightening , Nourishing and moisturing. Turn your shower or bath into a skin-enhancing beauty treatment. Scentio Tofu Soymilk Baby cream bath is rich in Tofu known for its skin revitalizing properties. Together, this bath cream helps protect against the damaging effects of free radicals. Soybean and Tofu keeps your skin nourished, and leaves skin fine, brighter, and even-toned. 

How to use:
Pour desired amount on palms or a mesh sponge.
Gently lather over body, then rinse off.

Net Weight:

Categories: Skincare

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