Beauty Buffet Dietary Supplement Product (Protein Plus Multi-Vitamin)


A dietary supplement which is rich in protein and vitamins. The body needs enough amount of nutrients instead of main meal in order to want to control weight with essential amino acids, repairing the rising part, low sugar, along with vitamin supplements to prevent the body deteriorated whey protein concentrate has whey protein concentrate less than 90% by weight, has a powder color, light cream and natural flavors like milk-low in calories-replacing dinner meals (any meal)-1 box with 3 flavors. Easy to drink (Choco/Milk/Green tea). 

How to use: 
Take 1 packet (30 grams) per day. Dissolve the product. In normal temperature water or 200ml of cold water and use a spoon to stir.

Net weight:
210 grams (30 grams X 7 packs)

Categories: Health

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