Scentio Hair Professional Argan Oil Therapy Treatment Serum


Incentive recipe Hair Therapy Serum in combination with value of supreme and best extract of ARGAN OIL 100% Organic from Morocco, and miracle of miracle of 7 types of natural extracts that deeply nourishes hair to be moisturized, glossy and beautiful without tenacity, and touchable right away after intensive hair treatment, reduces intertwining and recovers dry and damaged hair, prevents hair not to be dry, directing and fluffy and schizotrichia. It is appropriate for all types of hairs. It helps make hair soft, sleek, glossy and beautiful from the root to the end of the hair, helps make the look of healthy and lively hair, and helps make hair naturally glossy and beautiful, easy for combing without intertwining.

How to use: 
Dispense a few drops of serum to palm and smooth evenly throughout clean, towel-dried hair.

Net weight:

Categories: Fragrance

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