Lansley Skin Beauty Armpit & Inner Thigh Cream


An intensive, underarm and groin skincare product that quickly absorbs into the skin. Not sticky Helps the skin under the arms and groin look smooth adjust the skin to look white. Clear, natural armpit and groin products, specially concentrated formula, easy to absorb, not sticky. Enriched with extracts from Alpha Arbutin and Nano White to inhibit the mechanism of melanin formation. Keep the skin looking radiant with SYN® COLL and Collagen to help the skin elastic and smooth. Helps to deodorize the body with Japanese persimmon extract Paraben Free, MIT Free Packaging Colorful, eye-catching, compact, easy to carry. 

How to use:
Apply a thin layer of cream all over the skin under the arms or thighs.

Net weight:

Categories: Skincare

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